Welcome to our Meleot Studio

About Us

My name is Racheli. My whole life I have dealt with weight issues. I remember myself as a child, and then as a teenager dreading to have to buy clothes. For my friends, it was a fun activity but for me it was an ordeal.

As an adult, things didn’t get better. Saleswomen would flatter me and tell me how beautiful the clothes looked on me when I could tell that they definitely did not look good on me. I bought what fit me, and not what I liked.

After my first son was born, I refused to go to the beach with him or enter a swimming pool because I could not find a bathing suit. My husband Aaron would come back from the beach and tell me how much he and Eithan had had fun. It made me both happy and sad. I too wanted to share these magical moments with my son. So I decided to sew a pair of tights with the same fabric used for bathing suits. That’s how the “bathing tights” were born. Then I sew a blouse, with the same fabric. I could finally go to the beach or the swimming pool and enjoy with my son his favorite activity. I was comfortable, and I felt good about myself.

So I continued to sew my own clothes. No more excruciating shopping for clothes. The only shopping I do now is for fabric. And this is so much fun. No more black, uncomfortable clothes. Only bright, colorful, joyful clothes that look great on me and make me happy.

Soon, my friends and random women in the street started asking where my clothes came from. So I decided to try selling them. At first, I worked from a small room with the sewing machine I had received as a Bat Mitsvah gift, not knowing if I should invest time or money in this new venture. But with the orders piling up, and inventory growing I had to open a large studio and buy proper sewing machinery.

Upon opening my studio I made a few decisions that would guide me and my business.

  • My brand’s name would be “Meleot”. Meleot means “full” in Hebrew. And this is how I see myself and plus-size women: full of life, full of happiness, full of love.
  • I would use only breathable, top quality fabrics that would be comfortable to wear even during hot Israeli summers.
  • The clothes would look great on plus-size women. Clothes that enhance our curves, instead of trying to hide them.
  • I would design only colorful clothes, with a mix of fabric. Because it’s fun. Because it’s beautiful. Because it’s what I like.
  • There would be only a few items of each design. Because each woman is unique, she deserves unique clothes.

I have been blessed with wonderful clients who sometimes become friends, and I am driven by my passion. I see it as a mission.

Women of all sizes should be able to wear beautiful & comfortable clothes.

Recently I was approached by a group of American tourists. They asked me where my dress came from. The next day there were 12 of them in my studio buying pants, dresses, blouses, tights, etc. for themselves, their daughters and their mothers. They were so enthusiastic about my clothes! They made me promise to open an online store. I didn’t (obviously…) until one of them contacted me to ask me if the store was online yet. So here it is… and here I am…in this exciting and a crazy new adventure. In my moments of doubts, I think of the moment when women try on my clothes. I can see the excitement in their eyes. I can see the joy. I can almost hear their thoughts “I did not know to buy clothes could be so much fun!”

I hope you have fun wearing my clothes as much as I have designed and sewing them for you.